Disruptions Hit Small Businesses Harder

Every disruption since this all began has hurt small businesses far more than large ones. Consider this: Small businesses account for almost all business failures in the last year. Meanwhile, large businesses like Amazon, Walmart and others have flourished. In the face of nationwide worker shortages, employment at large businesses has increased by almost 10%. […]

Buy A Burger, Freeze Your Credit?

Buyer Beware… Mastercard and Doconomy have teamed up to issue a new credit card that freezes your spending when you’ve reached your carbon credit limit.   Target Market They’re counting on it appealing to a younger generation of consumers. From the Doconomy website: “In the spirit of empowering a forward-thinking new generation to become the […]

Strategy For The Vaccination Mandate To Keep The 49% From Quitting

Uncertainty Abounds We don’t have the OSHA temporary order yet, or even know what it says. We’re not certain how they’ll count workers, what they’ll do about businesses with workforce counts that fluctuate seasonally, remote workers, exemptions, enforcement, businesses with multiple EINs, unionized workforces with collective bargaining agreements, how testing will be administered and who […]

Strategy Determines Breakfast

There’s a saying out there attributed to Peter Drucker, the famous management guru: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. It’s understandable that business leaders might think this. After all, they put a lot of resources into crafting a strategy for success only to see it fail due to lack of alignment in the organization. But we’ve […]

Welcome to GoDx, Inc.

We are very excited to welcome GoDx, Inc. as our newest ThinkWay client! GoDx develops and provides rapid, low-cost point of care medical diagnostic devices that save lives. Thank you, GoDx, for choosing us to help you develop your strategy to grow and prosper.

Welcome to Great Kids, Inc.

We are very excited to welcome Great Kids, Inc. as our newest ThinkWay client! Great Kids provides exceptional early childhood and home based programs for families with children 0-5 years. Thank you, Great Kids, for choosing us to help you develop your strategy to grow and prosper.

Strategy: The Only Way To Succeed In Business

    If you ever thought you could run your business “in the moment” and everything would be just fine, you’ve probably started wondering about that approach. Most businesses, 96% to cite the data, fail in the first 10 years. If you think that being a large business makes you safer, note that 70% of […]

How To Get Strategic Clarity In One Step

It All Starts With Strategic Intent Imagine you have a large pile of Legos on a table and you and your team are going to build something together. What’s the first thing you should do?   You probably should agree on what you’re building.   The same goes for strategy. Before you start developing a […]

The First Step In Alignment To Strategy

A great many business strategies end up having little impact. It’s largely because the number one problem faced by CEOs is alignment, getting everyone on the same page. Using a traditional approach to strategy, alignment is hard to get. Consequently, goals are missed and all the time, effort and resources spent developing the strategy in […]

Donuts & A Simple Definition Of Strategy

Is strategy about choosing to be different? Is it being the low-cost provider in the market? What about competitive advantage? How about a framework for making decisions? Marketing? Acquisitions? Adapting? Agility?   Put “definition of strategy” in your search bar and you’ll get over 2.7 billion results. Read 1 billion of them and you’ll still […]

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