Strategy That Gives Small and Mid-Sized Businesses The Edge They Deserve

In the best of times small businesses face numerous challenges: how to grow, innovate, attract the talent they need, reach new customers, compete with big players or just survive. Addressing challenges and succeeding depends on your strategy, alignment of  your organization and following through with the appropriate actions.


A Fast, Intuitive Approach

Our approach is designed to show you how to develop effective  strategies in real time, align the business and succeed. The methodology can be learned quickly and is enabled with ThinkPoints®, the technology you need to focus, align and accomplish your goals.


The Leading Strategy Methodology

Unprecedented Alignment

We've designed our strategy methodology and ThinkPoints, our exclusive strategy development web app, to be used in a highly collaborative setting so participants can be an important part of this meaningful work, use their skills and abilities, and be a part of creating a solution for their organization.

(Go here to download our resource "How to Get Unprecedented Focus, Alignment & Engagement to Your Strategy or Strategic Initiative".)


Effective and Efficient

Using this industry-leading approach to strategy, you spend less time talking and more time focused on doing. It focuses you on getting clarity about your strategic intent, identifying the key elements of your current situation, articulating key issues that can derail your efforts, highlighting key insights that can be leveraged for success, clearly identifying your objectives, and then you will outline your strategies and tactics. All in a day's work.


Proven to Work for You

Our strategy methodology has been proven to work successfully in billion dollar and small businesses alike across several industries. We start the process by meeting with you briefly to understand your strategy needs and then we deliver a workshop to address that need. In the workshop you and your team will focus on developing your strategy and walk out knowing how to use our leading strategy methodology and the ThinkPoints® strategy web app over and over again for any of your other challenges. We stay with you, advising you, as your strategy is refined and put into action. We help you set up monthly strategy meetings and quarterly followups with ThinkWay to provide additional training, coaching and advisory services as your situation warrants. The result is your business is positioned for growth, your team grows, and you succeed!