Traditional Workshops

A Workshop That Actually Delivers On Its Promise

Your strategy is developed in a collaborative workshop environment with your team (see more about working with ThinkWay here) that we facilitate. Why? Because the biggest problems with strategy have to do with alignment (when people don't really "own" the strategies and so don't commit themselves to the work) and the poor quality of strategic discussions. Too often strategy is viewed as the exclusive purview of the executive office instead of a collaborative, inclusive process that gets people invested in executing it. But you don’t just leave the workshop with flip chart notes...


Strategy Workshop Goals

Our strategy workshops are designed so that you experience:

  • Intense focus on the purpose of your strategy
  • Engaging team discussions about your current situation
  • Understanding of the major strategic issues you're facing
  • Insights you can leverage to achieve your goals
  • Discussion of the specific objectives (goals) of the strategy
  • The strategies and tactics you will use to achieve your goals
  • How to make your strategy come alive in the organization and begin executing now


All while using the exclusive ThinkPoints® web app!


Deliverables for the Strategy Workshop

  1. Develop a focused strategy to achieve your goals.1
  2. Understand the leading collaborative strategy development methodology so you can use it over and over again.
  3. Complete your basic training in ThinkPoints®, the exclusive web app for strategy development, tracking and execution.2
  4. Understand the next steps in finalizing and activating your strategy in your organization so you begin to make progress almost immediately.
  5. Identify first-year quarterly follow-ups and strategy leader coaching.3


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  1. Maximum recommended workshop size is 20. Optimal team size for breakouts is 3-5.
  2. ThinkPoints® use requires a separate annual subscription for each user, a laptop or tablet with internet access, and a Chrome, Firefox or Safari web browser. All users must have a valid company email address to subscribe.
  3. Strategy coaching is tailored to your needs but usually includes quarterly strategy followup meetings during the first year along with monthly strategy coaching calls for the first 6 months.