Why You Need A Proper Worldview of Your Business


Fifteen years ago two words came together to form the name of a new business: “Think” and “Way”. The combination of those two words were no accident. It represents a worldview that drives everything about ThinkWay from how people are viewed, client selection, the nature of products and services, views on profits and investments, and everything in between. The problem for most businesses is they have no idea about the worldview driving their business.


What is a Worldview?

Your worldview drives everything about your business but most people don’t even realize it. The term “worldview” is a translation of a German word weltanschauung (welt = world; schauen = to look) and means a way of looking at the world. Everyone has a worldview whether they realize it or not.

It's important to understand your worldview because how people think about the world drives the way they choose to behave. Thoughts and ways are always connected and both need to be understood together. That's why market research is both attitudinal and behavioral; psychology is both cognitive and behavioral.


Why Does It Matter?

Every worldview is comprised of three essential elements1:

  1. Origin and Purpose – Where did we come from and why do we exist?
  2. The Problem – What’s wrong; what’s the source of the problem?
  3. The Fix – What can be done about it; how is it made right again?

Whether at the macro level –what’s the purpose of business in general, what’s wrong, and how can it be made right?– or the micro level –What’s the purpose of this specific product, what’s the problem to be solved and how is the problem made right?– what the leadership and people in any business “Think” about the answers to these questions determines the “Way” they will choose to behave.


Seeing The Big Picture

The prevailing worldview among younger members of business world can be referred to as cultural Marxism. Here’s the worldview of Karl Marx:

  1. Origin/Purpose: No God. People come from evolving matter. Human value is determined by productivity.
  2. The Problem: The world is divided into Oppressors and Oppressed.
  3. The Fix: Revolt to overthrow the oppressors and replace with communism.

Most younger members of the workforce were educated from kindergarten on in government schools that teach atheistic, Darwinian origins, a social view of oppressor and oppressed (e.g., intersectionality), and that the solution to problems can be found in socialism. This worldview is antithetical to the founding of America (e.g., “All men are created equal and endowed by their Creator…”).


“Profit is not the purpose of a business, but rather the test of its validity.” –Peter Drucker


Coming Back Down To Your Business

A proper worldview of business, your specific business, and your products and services is essential for success in a society designed from its very founding on a worldview that “all people are created equal and endowed by their creator” with talents and abilities for innovation and problem solving (origin/purpose); that your customers have specific problems they are struggling with and need your help (the problem); and that your products and services are designed to fix their specific problems (the fix).


An Example Of A Worldview for Business

Businesses are formed so diversely talented people endowed by their Creator (origins) can assemble to collectively address specific problems often common to many others (the problem) by creating and offering unique, innovative solutions through the free and fair exchange of value in open markets (the fix).


Send me your questions. There's still a lot to think about on this topic.



1. Thank you to Nancy R. Pearcey for teaching me in her wonderful books about the three components of a worldview.