Labor Shortage? Tap Into An Emerging Market Of Highly Skilled, Available Workers

Looking for workers? Good news. A large pool of highly qualified workers is emerging. While the media is telling us daily "there's no end in sight" for the labor shortage, that's not totally true for everyone. In fact, there is an emerging pool of highly skilled workers quickly becoming available to small businesses (and astute large ones, too) with bold strategies.


Here's how that pool is emerging and growing daily. Reports tell us that:

  1. 49% of unvaccinated workers will quit their job if vaccinations are required.
  2. 43% of small business owners will fire their employees who refuse to get vaccinated.


Workers will become immediately available for new jobs if the following is true:

  1. You're a small business with less than 100 employees that has no vaccination mandate.
  2. You're a business of any size that has chosen not to require COVID vaccination for your employees.
  3. You begin marketing* your business to these workers with the message that you do not require vaccination.


There's a compelling reason to consider the strategy of non-compliance with the vaccination mandate: there is currently no mandate and businesses are requesting the Biden Administration delay publishing one.


That means that until such time (if it ever occurs), you should be marketing yourself to this new emerging labor pool. Then focus on retention.




*How you market depends on if you're in a blue state/county or red state/county since attitudes differ significantly. A poll published last week noted that Democrat voters consider "COVID is Still a Problem" and "Climate Change" their top two concerns whereas Republican voters consider "Rising Prices of Food and Gasoline" and  "Immigration at the Southern Boarder" their top two concerns.