The Decline of Strategy

Over the last 20 years, talk about strategy has been in serious decline. As much as a 60% decline to be more exact. Worse yet, today’s numbers are bolstered only by recent trends to understand specific applications like “social media strategy”, not strategy itself, or the numbers would be worse. And there’s one important thing about strategy that is on the rise, it's not good, and it’s going to surprise you.

Yes, increasingly people want to know the definition of strategy. You’ll notice that the questions occur during the two most common planning months of the year: April and October.


So, here’s a likely scenario. Planning time comes along and people want to know what in the world they’re doing and why.


If you Google “definition of strategy“ you get thousands and thousands of responses. Everyone has their own definition. Many of them are very, very confusing. Most advocate a framework, not a definition.


The solution is simple. Literally. Use a simple -but precise- definition in combination with a simple -but powerful- strategy development methodology; something the organization can learn very quickly.


As for the definition, here’s the one we have used with companies large and small. As for the training, that’s a workshop you can learn more about here.