ThinkWay’s Transformation Article Selected as Editor’s Choice

Madison, WI (for immediate release): Process Excellence Network has selected a business transformation article written by Larry McManis, President & CEO of ThinkWay Strategies, as this week’s Editor’s Choice. The article, Is It Time to Transform Business Transformation?, identifys three key areas where leaders and teams of strategic initiatives need to transform their own thinking in order to increase the odds of successful business transformation. Research indicates the failure rates for major strategic initiatives of all types ranges from 60-80%.

The truth is, we “experts” need a new mindset to break out of our own orthodoxies and conventions, stop making excuses, and realize the most important transformation required in the future might be in our own thinking,” McManis says.

The full article is available for viewing on the PEX Network website.

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ThinkWay Strategies provides advisory services in strategy and business case development, strategy execution, business transformation, innovation capabilities including startups, and executive leadership coaching and facilitation. ThinkWay has developed proprietary models and tools in strategy, strategy execution and business transformation (ThinkPoints™), innovation and early stage capabilities (I2M™), and end-to-end value chain productivity (E2E™).

McManis has done strategic work for Kraft Foods [KRFT] / Mondelez [MDLZ], Mattel [MAT], Oscar Mayer, numerous other consumer brands, and has served clients in consumer products, energy, manufacturing, financial services, furniture, and other industries. 

McManis founded ThinkWay Strategies in 2008 after an extensive career at Kraft Foods. Prior to ThinkWay, Larry was a senior strategy and strategic initiatives leader and led several major transformation initiatives. He was the recipient of multiple awards and the author of two patents including Kraft’s global new product development process that handles thousands of new products a year. Prior to his work at parent company Kraft, McManis worked in the Oscar Mayer division in strategy, new product development, total quality management, applied technology, quality, and operations. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Nebraska and an MBA from the University of South Dakota.