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Business Transformation Accomplished

Most CEOs (93%) have a major transformation initiative underway. But most transformation initiatives -things like acquistions, ERP or major software platforms, innovation, new marketing programs, continuous improvement efforts, supply chain reinventions- often disappoint.


But it doesn't have to be that way. ThinkPoints™ is a system, a successful transformation model with socialization, that quickly unleashes discretionary effort and latent innovation in the workforce. Imagine your workforce pulling together to help you grow your business.

Many businesses spend considerable effort to develop "growth strategies" only to see execution fail. Likewise, restructuring, as it is currently practiced, often disappoints too. Companies generate cost reduction at the expense of the very things a business needs to stimulate growth. Companies that find themselves in need of new growth strategies or restructuring need a methodology and tools that mitigates the negative impacts of traditional approaches, builds a healthy culture with an engaged workforce, and assures themselves of getting the results they intend. Our solution for these businesses is ThinkPoints™.

For information on the hidden flawed assumptions in restructuring that negatively impact the results you expect to get, go to this paper on the subject.


ThinkPoints™ Transformation Process

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