How To Get Strategic Clarity In One Step

It All Starts With Strategic Intent

Imagine you have a large pile of Legos on a table and you and your team are going to build something together. What’s the first thing you should do?


You probably should agree on what you’re building.


The same goes for strategy. Before you start developing a strategy, your entire team needs to agree on the strategic intent. That is, you need to agree on what the strategy is supposed to accomplish, the problem to be solved, the challenge to be overcome, or the goal to be achieved.


Starting with the strategic intent brings clarity, focus, alignment and efficiency to the strategy development process.




A $7B consumer company avoided strategy failure when a discussion about their strategic intent uncovered misalignment among general managers. They fixed the issue before developing their strategy.

A small business has tripled in size in five years because they have a very focused strategic intent guiding their strategy development process. Every time they need to adjust their strategy, they do so with a clear line of site to their strategic intent and what they’re trying to achieve.

A small health care company was able to put their strategy together in a few days because they were all focused on solving the same issue. Everyone’s efforts focused on developing a strategy they could use to run their business and achieve their goals.


Give it a try and see for yourself how you can get strategic clarity in one step by starting with strategic intent. If you need any help with it, contact us by clicking the button below.