Saving Livelihoods: Using Strategy Sprints to Restart & Revive Business

The Time Is Now

Many businesses are facing an existential threat. For some, It’s already too late. Economic advisors are warning the reboot needs to start now because all indications are that waiting too long will plummet the country into an unprecedented depression.

The Need Is Urgent

Leaders need to rethink many aspects of how to start up and how to do business going forward and they need to do it now.

An Approach For Leaders With Time & Distancing Challenges

Instead of a traditional strategy development effort with all-day team meetings, leaders develop necessary strategies in a series of seven short, collaborative, virtual meetings called sprints.

Capabilities For A Workforce Working Remotely

The ThinkPoints strategy web app was built to accommodate a distributed workforce. Combined with the new sprint process and video conferencing, team members can discuss, contribute and build a strategy together while working remotely.

Take Action Now

For more information on how to use the new strategy sprint process to create and execute the strategies you need, go to the link provided.