ThinkPoints Virtual Strategy Sprints


The Urgent Need

Strategy Sprints were born out of the urgency of a pandemic. Many businesses across the country are facing an existential threat. For some, it's already too late. With continued unemployment problems and the hopes of recovery dimming for millions of businesses, leaders need to rethink many aspects of how they will do business going forward and they need to do it now.


An Approach For Leaders With Time & Distancing Challenges

Many leaders don’t really have time right now for a typical strategy session. And it’s also likely guidelines for social distancing and restrictions on gatherings (e.g., group meetings) will remain in place in some form for awhile. So, instead of a traditional strategy development effort with one or two all-day team meetings, leaders develop necessary strategies in a series of collaborative sprints: short virtual meetings that accommodate teams working remotely. Strategies are developed in a series of virtual meetings with scripted assignments completed between virtual sessions.



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Capabilities For A Workforce Working Remotely

The ThinkPoints strategy web app was built to accommodate a distributed workforce. Combined with the new sprint process and a video conferencing service like Zoom, WebEx or GoToMeeting, team members can discuss, contribute and build a strategy together while working remotely. Between meetings, team members do their own research and preparation for the next leg of the sprint. The entire process can be run efficiently and effectively in a series of short meetings while allowing time for other responsibilities.


Take Action Now

Current clients: Contact us now to set up your strategy sprint. We will facilitate your first time through the process. Once you complete your first sprint, you can decide if you want our guidance for subsequent strategy sprints.

New clients: Contact us now to set up a ThinkPoints® strategy sprint. There is only one additional step to get you set up as a client, subscribed and trained to use ThinkPoints®.