End-to-End™ Value Chain Innovation

e2e™ has been used to identify hundreds of millions (US$) in productivity and cash flow savings. But e2e innovation is more than a methodology for identifying and focusing on what adds value and eliminating what doesn’t. It’s also an approach that can yield transformational strategies for the value chain. And, combined with ThinkPoints™, a culture of daily innovation across the business can be built.

When companies use e2e™, they take a horizontal view of the value chain; a perspective that by itself identifies significant amounts of trapped value and non-value added costs. But they also surface significant opportunities that can be leveraged into strategies to transform and differentiate the value chain for industry-leading results. 

The opportunities identified range from very tactical to very strategic and from functionally confined to multi-business. The e2e™ feeds directly into strategies that can quickly capture the close-in benefits while developing and staging efforts for larger opportunities. (See ThinkPoints® for a better understanding of our methodology to develop highly actionable, relevant strategies in real time.)

e2e™ can be used for filling the productivity pipeline with an array of qualified cost savings and cash flow opportunities above and beyond what a business is already doing. It yields significant new opportunities that can be used to close gaps, enhance margins or reinvest in the business. And e2e™ can also be leveraged with ThinkPoints™ into a broader effort to build a culture of daily innovation across the entire business. e2e™ builds on your current continuous improvement efforts. It does not replace them.


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