The Problem with Consultants

Much of my experience says organizations don’t need consultants. And when I say that, I mean the big ones that come in with an army of highly ambitious, newly minted MBAs who work feverishly to come up with their answer to your particular challenge. They usually do masterful PowerPoint presentations, backed up with elaborate data […]

Improving Organizational Alignment

Lack of alignment is the biggest issue facing effective strategy execution but you can dramatically increase your odds of success with ThinkPoints. Here are the reasons: Strategies are developed collaboratively in a team environment so team members provide input. They have skin in the game. Tactics and follow-up tasks have owners, deliverables and deadlines. There’s […]


Strategy for the Labor Shortage

With unemployment so low and the challenge of finding the skilled labor you need so high, it’s time to address this issue with a strategy built on keen insight and your team’s industry knowledge. It’s time to contact ThinkWay about ThinkPoints – Focused. Aligned. Accomplished. For more information or to speak to someone to help […]


Is It Time to Transform Business Transformation? (Reprinted)

(This article first appeared in 2014 as the Editor’s Choice by Process Excellence Network. You can read the full article on their website here.)   Is It Time to Transform Business Transformation? Circuit City. Blockbuster Video. Borders bookstores. These companies are hardly the hallmark of successful business transformation despite the millions of dollars and brilliant […]


8 Benefits of the ThinkPoints® Strategy Canvas™

Proven methodology for strategy development Integrates into the daily life of the organization Can be as simple or as sophisticated as the user desires Easy to use Facilitates rapid strategy development Provides clarity and accountability Can be used for a broad array of types of strategy Significantly improves probability of success in achieving objectives

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Do You Need a Strategy?

Our research shows that although many organizations (nearly half) experience negative emotions around the topic of strategy, 95% of organizations of all types and sizes (For-Profit and Non-Profit) feel they probably or definitely need a strategy.


Comparing Strategy Research Results

Leaders, especially non-profit leaders, should take note of preliminary results of ThinkWay’s quantitative strategy research. While 87% of for-profit businesses have a strategy, nearly a third experience negative emotions when they think about it. Nearly two thirds review their strategy monthly or more frequently. Data also indicates a statistically significant difference between for-profit businesses and […]


Natural Strategy

Strategy comes naturally for everyone. Really. If you need an example, check this one. Regardless of whether you’re running a big business, leading a project, applying for your first job, or trying to improve your science grade in school, everyone generally (though admittedly quite loosely) follows the same five step process: situation, insight, objective, strategy, […]


Practical, Natural Strategy

The ancestor of every action is a thought. – Ralph Waldo Emerson Let’s debunk the myth that strategy is high and lofty, something done only by those people in the corner office. Everybody does strategy. Everybody naturally uses a five step strategy method without even realizing it… every day. Their “strategy” is the way they think […]


Strategy, Execution, and the Missing Element for the Huskers

There’s a big problem in the college football sports world. Well, in my opinion anyway. The Nebraska Cornhuskers, my alma mater, have momentarily lost relevance. At least, tens of thousands of Husker fans around the world and I hope it’s momentary. And the entire Husker Nation is trying to figure out why. The situation with […]

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