ThinkWay Launches “Strategy for Good” Website

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website, This website is dedicated to our ThinkWay vision of having a positive impact in the world through the effective use of strategy in businesses that create value and non-profits that strengthen moral character and relieve human suffering.

The vast majority of businesses in the world exist for the purpose of doing good: innovating, creating value, providing jobs, and supporting the communities, states, and countries where they conduct business. From time to time, we will recognize companies who go beyond their own interests to support and do good to others. Thankfully, many of these are our clients!

The site will also provide an opportunity to reach out and support non-profits that are dedicated to doing good for people, both at home and around the world. We will be highlighting the good work they do and from time to time offering our strategy support to help them do even better.

Please take this opportunity to go to and let us know what you think. Feel free to send us news of businesses or non-profits that you see doing good.

And thank you for doing good!