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"Poking the Bear" When It Comes to Value Creation

Well, I'm not really big enough to "poke the bear". I'm more like a flea. If you haven't ever heard the phrase, it refers to "going up against a competitive giant knowing the potential response will be massive". At least...

Bouncing the HOG

No, not that kind of hog. I grew up on a farm and I’ve never seen a pig bounce. A bear , yes. I’m talking about Harley Davidson who trades under the symbol HOG . I had lunch with a...

Better Health Care By Design: St. Mary's in Madison

The current trajectory for the cost of health care is unsustainable. The average annual premium for family health care coverage is already $13,375 and at the present rate of growth will be over $31,000 ten years from now. It's not...

Lunch with a Lunch Legend

Yesterday, I had lunch with the man, Bob, who was affectionately dubbed "The Father of Lunchables " by admiring colleagues at the Oscar Mayer Division of Kraft Foods. I worked with and for him for a few years. Most of...

CPG: Perfectly Equipped To Win The Last War

In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, we found out P&G CEO Robert McDonald attended West Point and studied the war tactics of Napoleon Bonaparte. Now he's using his considerable military training for two objectives: penetrate territory held...


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