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Strategy - Focused. Aligned. Accomplished.

Thanks for your interest in strategy. We believe strategy is a clearly, concisely defined body of work or actions aimed at achieving an objective. It's NOT an occasional consideration, but a dynamic, real-time way to lead your organization to accomplish great things. It is separate and distinct from vision and mission which play a different role for the organization.

Strategy is a robust approach to achieving more in your business, nonprofit organization, department, or personal responsibilities. We have helped people with strategy for a lot of different needs: growth, marketing, innovation and new products, business development, IT, department or functional needs, supply chains, strategic initiatives, programs, problems and challenges of all kinds at various levels in the organization. The core capability of ThinkWay Strategies is centered on strategy.


Our Model for Strategy Formation

Our approach to strategy formation is built on decades of experience and continued learning across numerous large and small organizations and industries. The strategy model applies to both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. It is a dynamic, real-time, agile, short cycle approach that enables leaders to achieve more and be able to pivot –a strategic change in focus– when warranted.

Our approach starts with establishing a clear strategic intent, then identifying key elements of the situation, strategic issues to be resolved, insights that can be leveraged to achieve objectives, establishing reasonable stretch objectives/goals, identifing the few strategies –focused bodies of work– where efforts should be concentrated, and laying out the tactics (specific actions to be taken for each strategy) with defined accountability and timing. 

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