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The Leading Strategy Development Methodology


Our mission is to provide the leading methodology for collaborative strategy development, the ThinkPoints web tool to track progress, and enable our clients so they can focus their efforts, align their organizations, and accomplish good things. The methodology is intuitive and adaptable to a wide array of strategy needs. It is also easily deployable so your organization is engaged in delivering the results you're looking for.

Here's how it works, starting with Strategic Intent...


Provide leaders in any industry or non-profit organization of any size with a methodology to focus, align and engage their organizations to accomplish good things.


Leaders face challenges today that require new levels of strategic thinking.

Strategic Issues

There are chronic issues surrounding the strategy process.


If you overcome the process issues, most leaders are excited about strategy.


Businesses and non-profits accomplishing more because they are enabled with the leading strategy methodology and exclusive web app...


For all types of strategy needs...


  1. Provide the leading methodology for collaborative strategy development
  2. Make sure it's intuitive, adaptable and deployable in any organization
  3. Digitize it and enable organizational focus, alignment and accountability for success

Your Tactics

  1. Contact ThinkWay today to arrange a briefing or just give us a call to chat about it.
  2. Read "8 Benefits of the ThinkPoints® Strategy Canvas".
  3. Use ThinkWay today for your strategy challenge.

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