When Process Doesn’t Matter

Imagine what it took for Leonardo da Vinci to produce just one painting. Really. Imagine it. Leonardo lived from 1452 to 1519, long before there were convenient painter supply stores a short walk or car ride away. Getting a canvas or panel ready for painting would have been a huge job considering sourcing, stretching, mounting, grounding and many other tasks only real painters know about. All this work just to have something to paint on. Now imagine he liked his process of getting ready to paint more than the actual Mona Lisa he painted.

Sound preposterous? Of course it sounds preposterous. Yet this type of means-ends reversal happens every day in the business world. Don’t think so? Try changing someone’s process… even to make it better! It’s much easier to get people to agree to change their output.

“Oh, you want that changed to a three column report? No problem.”

“Would you like that in red or blue? No problem.”

“You want me to do it how? Big problem.”

Stop protecting your process to stretch the canvas. The process doesn’t matter. The output does. Focus on your Mona Lisa.