Upgrade Your Tools

It takes several tools to build a successful business. The most important tool for your organization is the ability to set strategy; strategies to conquer challenges, solve problems or capture opportunities. One day1 of ThinkPoints® can give you the strategy capabilities you need in your toolbox.

Here’s what you get in just one day…

  • Understanding of the leading strategy methodology.
  • Training in the use of ThinkPoints®, the exclusive web app for strategy2.
  • A strategy for your business that’s ready for action!

And we follow it up with coaching and quarterly follow-up sessions for strategy leaders3.

Contact us today to reserve your spot on the 2019 ThinkWay strategy calendar.



1. Optimal team size is 5-7 members with 3-4 teams per one-day strategy session. Teams bring a real strategy need to the session for strategy development.

2. ThinkPoints® use requires a separate annual subscription, a laptop with internet access and a Chrome, Firefox, or Safari web browser. All users must have a valid comapny email address to subscribe.

3. Strategy coaching includes monthly calls for strategy leaders and quarterly face-to-face, half-day work sessions for strategy teams.