Turning Likes to Loans

As I mentioned in my last few email newsletters, I’m pretty skeptical about the value of having a Facebook page for my business. I have no idea how to monetize a “Like” for ThinkWay. But I have figured out a way to monetize a ThinkWay “Like” for someone else!

We created a Facebook campaign called “Turning Likes to Loans“. For every “Like” I get on my Facebook page through August 15, I make a donation to Kiva.org to support a small business owner who needs help to make a go of it.

Go here to Like my Facebook page.

And we’ve done pretty well so far (well, you’ve done pretty well). We’ve gone from forty-some likes up to 82 as of today… nearly double! As a result, we now have a total of five small business loans. Check them out in this screen shot of my “loan portfolio” at Kiva.org.

Thanks to all of you for making this happen. And keep it up. There’s still time. The Turning Likes to Loans campaign goes through August 15. (No, I don’t stop caring after August 15. I just need to turn my attention back to my own business for awhile.)

So, be sure to go here and “Like” my Facebook page if you haven’t already. For those of you that already have, Constantina, Jane, Luz Dary, Uyanga, Xaverine and I thank you.