Tune-Ups, Overhauls and Peak Performance

When you’re driving a high performance car, even the sound it makes tells you everything is humming and ready for peak performance.  But all cars need regular tune-ups (oil changes, tire rotations, radiator flushes, new brakes) and more often than we’d like, cars need something bigger fixed.  I used to do all the work myself (including major engine repair) but as these systems became more complex, complicated and time consuming, I began turning it over to the experts.  Now, my job is to listen, know when something isn’t quite right and get an expert to get it running at peak performance again.

Businesses are a lot like cars.  The job of consistently sourcing, manufacturing, marketing, appealing to shoppers and transacting a sale hasn’t gotten any easier over time.  Like cars, the internal workings of businesses have gotten complex and complicated.  They need regular performance tune-ups and from time to time, something major needs fixing.  It’s the job of the leader to know when the time has come for a tune-up; when better performance is needed.

The thing is, most people already have a big job to do and they don’t have time to do those little things, and especially not the big things, that are needed to keep a business running at peak performance.  That’s okay.  Do like you do with your car and leave it to the experts to help you get things running like they should be. Check out the exhibitors at the 2011 Shopper Insights in Action Conference sponsored by IIR USA coming up in July.  They can help you get your “car” running at peak performance again!