Transformation Survey Early Peek

Last week (July 23, 2015) ThinkWay opened up its transformation database to include everyone in our contact network. The results were very strong and much appreciated. 

If you haven’t filled out the survey, you can find it here. Please fill it out before peeking at the early results!

Here are some of the early findings:

  • 93.5% of respondents across 18 different industries say they are involved in some type or size of transformational effort. 
  • 61.5% say their organization is a top performer in their industry but only 32% agree their transformation efforts are achieving the intended results (not significantly different than the 70% failure rate found in transformation research literature).
  • 66% of organizations report having difficulty working across organizational boundaries.
  • And 55% to 70% have issues with metrics, processes, and/or professional development.

That’s a sneak peek at the results so far. If you’re interested in more information when the survey is completed, go here to let me know.