ThinkWay Conducting Strategy Research

Today, ThinkWay fielded a strategy research survey. We are hoping to uncover the current understanding and practice of strategy across many businesses, industries, nonprofits, educational institutions, and churches. If you could, we would appreciate your participation in this survey too. Please click on the link below.

[Strategy Research Survey]

  • The survey is for businesses of all sizes and types, nonprofits, educational organizations, churches and/or religious organizations.
  • The survey is open to all levels of an organization (owners, founders, board members, executives, middle mangers, supervisors, entry level), volunteer workers in nonprofit organizations, and homemakers.
  • You don’t have to be employed. You can be looking for work, retired, on disability or whatever. You just have to answer this survey for your current or a previous organization for which you’ve worked or volunteered.

Please take 15 minutes to participate. You make request a summary of the results after completion of the survey.

Thank you.