The Path to High Impact Shopper Results

There’s a lot of focus on the Shopper Path to Purchase. Rightly so. Businesses need a profound understanding of it. But, how much focus is being put on the Path to High Impact Results? In all likelihood, not enough.

It’s not unusual for consumer product companies to experience less than 70% of their total merchandising spend making it to market. In other words, 30¢ of ever dollar spent has zero impact. That’s because it takes more than just excellent shopper marketers to drive high impact results. Consider this: an average CPG firm has thousands of products, thousands of employees, dozens of agencies and vendors, thousands of retail ship-to locations, numerous technology providers, and millions of transactions to analyze. Not only do you need to select the right shopper marketing strategy and tactics, creative needs to be developed, forecasts need to be made, materials need to be produced, product needs to be placed, retailers need to be aligned, and everything needs to be synchronized to have maximum impact in a 30 second window when consumers may glance at your product on the store shelf… if it’s there.

Maybe you’ve seen it on our website or in our monthly newsletter. It’s an image of a high performance race car. It’s high performance because every part has been designed to be high performance. And all the high performance parts have been assembled specifically to work together to produce better results. Likewise, if CPG’s want better results, they need to be designed to produce those results… every part, all working together along the Path to High Impact Shopper Results.