The First Step In Alignment To Strategy

A great many business strategies end up having little impact. It's largely because the number one problem faced by CEOs is alignment, getting everyone on the same page. Using a traditional approach to strategy, alignment is hard to get. Consequently, goals are missed and all the time, effort and resources spent developing the strategy in the first place end up wasted.

But by taking a very specific first step in developing a strategy you can avoid this problem and make sure you're developing a strategy that has the impact you want.

What is that first step?

This: Start by developing the Strategic Intent.

This first step assures you and your team share an aligned view of the strategy and what you're trying to achieve before diving into the the next steps of strategy development. Without alignment on strategic intent, there will be no alignment on the rest of the strategy, even though it sometimes appears you have it.

Aligning on the Strategic Intent virtually guarantees you and your team will be aligned at the end of the strategy development process. And it is then used to align the rest of the organization too.

Strategic intent is built in as the first step in the strategy development process for ThinkPoints. ThinkPoints is our proprietary web app that you can use over and over again to develop strategies for your organization without the costly investment in consultants.

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