The Case for Strategy Capabilities (Part 3)

(In Part One of the series The Case for Strategy Capabilities, we noted that strategy is arguably the most critical leadership capability in business, yet it is the most underdeveloped. In Part Two we discussed how a narrow view of the exclusivity of strategy capabilities leads to the number one issue with strategy: lack of alignment. Here in Part Three we discuss how success depends on an intuitive, deployable, strategy methodology that leads to focus and ultimately, results.)


The Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) today is faced with a host of problems: how to drive growth, deciding the fate of a struggling division, making legacy brands relevant again… the list goes on. On top of that, leadership in the divisions pushes back when the objectives aren’t clearly obtainable from their point of view; a back and forth practice that usually leads to a gap that has to be closed somewhere, somehow. A CSO’s own career aspirations depend on successfully navigating through the landmines of strategy development.

Now pile on top of all that another set of issues. The strategy process itself is broken. No matter how elegant the strategy, if the business isn’t aligned and executing, it’s not going to work. Is it any wonder that CSO’s have little faith in the strategies that get developed.

This is exactly why ThinkPoints® was developed. We start with the premise that no one knows what your business needs to do better than you do. With that in mind, we built a strategy development process and web app tool that addresses the common pitfalls in strategy development: quality of discussions, addressing strategic issues, gaining deep organizational alignment, and monitoring execution.

And it works, as companies large and small in a diverse set of industries can tell you. To solve your strategy needs, regardless of the challenge you face, contact us here and start with a simple no-obligation discussion of your needs.