Strategy For The Vaccination Mandate To Keep The 49% From Quitting

Uncertainty Abounds

We don't have the OSHA temporary order yet, or even know what it says. We're not certain how they'll count workers, what they'll do about businesses with workforce counts that fluctuate seasonally, remote workers, exemptions, enforcement, businesses with multiple EINs, unionized workforces with collective bargaining agreements, how testing will be administered and who pays for it, and more.


Some Workers Will Quit

But there is this. A new poll from TIPPINSIGHTS says that 49% of people who are, for whatever reason, resistant to getting the vaccination will just quit their jobs if a vaccination is required. When workers are already in short supply, this could be catastrophic for many businesses.


You Need A Strategy

These are two of the most common and compelling reasons to develop any strategy:

  1. Uncertainty is very high
  2. The potential impact could be huge.


We Can Help

Part of the role of strategy in your organization is to deal with uncertainty and identify major strategic issues that can derail your efforts. We can show you how to create your own strategy to address this issue. Contact us now to learn more about how easy and quickly we can help you get your strategy in place.