Sparking Internal Innovation

If you want internal innovation, know this: that old approach of using suggestion boxes doesn’t work. People might provide some ideas, fewer even worth pursuing, but nothing gets done and the suggestion box ends up breeding cynicism.

That’s not how Millennials work anyway.

And decreeing from on high that everyone needs to be more innovative doesn’t work either. It seems to fall on deaf ears.

Well, not deaf ears. People just don’t know what to do; how to operationalize the management decree.

Two core principles behind i2m® are that: 1) all innovation follows the same basic pathway to implementation; and 2) any process for innovation has to provide a highly effective way to collaborate.

Training in the pathway can be as basic or as complex as needed but when everyone knows the basic pathway for getting ideas to “market” (i.e. getting their idea implemented), things get done.

(And BTW, solving the collaboration issue is easy with the Millennial generation.)

So, here’s the basic process for sparking internal innovation within your business. This approach actually has impact. Teach your people how to use i2m® to get their ideas implemented. See what happens when everyone in your business knows how to innovate.