P&G Actioning Insights through Consumer Loyalty Programming

Abbey Dryden, P&G and Suzy Cox, Carlson Worldwide Marketing shared at the Shopper Insights in Action 2010 conference sponsored by IIR US how they built a loyalty program for the Pampers brand that was driven by some very smart insights. “Pampers Gifts to Grow” is a point loyalty program whose main goal is to create active engagement with their consumers.

Consumers find the code on the product they buy, enter it online (or mobile), and earn rewards. This simple process is constructed with some interesting benefits for P&G. For example, by having consumers enter a unique code found on each package, P&G collects transaction info without digging into retailer data; an often complicated and messy process.

P&G incorporates many of the usual loyalty program features and they use it to track consumer behaviors at key transition points (e.g., change in diaper size) in the overall product usage life-cycle. In that way, they can send special offers and targeted messages to keep consumers loyal and mitigate switching behaviors at critical junctures.

The Pampers Gifts to Grow program has delivered impressive results. Currently, consumer engagement is  20%+ and growing. The open rate for their every-other-month newsletter is 50%, well above industry standards.  And most importantly, the overall program ROI is 109%.

This well designed and executed loyalty program is a good example of building brand loyalty, engaging with consumers and driving better business results. Thank you to Abbey and Suzy for sharing.