One More Strategy for a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

In my letter this time last year I shared three strategies for a better, more meaningful Christmas:

  1. Find the Deeper Meaning(s) of Christmas (Check out this Charlie Brown clip).
  2. Stress Less About Presents, Give More Presence (For example, making Christmas cookies together).
  3. Expand the Reach of Christmas (Make a loan through Kiva, support a child through World Vision, give someone the gift of clean water).

This year, I’m adding a fourth strategy:  4.  Choose to Make a Positive Difference.


After all, leadership is about choices. Whether it’s finding the deeper meaning, making yourself more available to loved ones, reaching out to give hope and opportunity to those less fortunate or anything else, your choices – Strategy 4 – make all the difference in the world. Make them positive!


May your choices be positive and your 2012 be prosperous!