NFIB Business Roundtable with Wisconsin Gov & Lt. Gov

Appreciated the listening ears of Governor Scott Walker and Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch who attended a business roundtable hosted by NFIB.  Around 50 businesses were in attendance, each sharing their perspective about what is needed to make Wisconsin more business friendly.  Numerous stories made it clear that Wisconsin places significant unnecessary burdens on business.  Here’s an example of three strategies Wisconsin could pursue to get out of the way and spur growth in the private sector.

  1. Eliminate Waste – Nearly everyone interacting with government recognizes the enormous amount of bureaucracy, non-value add and organizational lethargy in many of the departments. Businesses don’t run that way. ThinkWay would have a field day sourcing productivity in the public sector. If productivity was attacked in government like it’s attacked in business, the result would be dollars that could be invested elsewhere or kept in the private sector in the first place.
  2. Simplify Regulation – It’s an unfortunate fact of life, but we do need regulations. But another unfortunate fact is that many regulations are too cumbersome and unnecessarily drive waste in business. And then there are those regs that are mostly worthless and self-serving for the government department. If we went after simplification in government like we’ve done in business, it could unencumber businesses and release them to grow.
  3. PrivatizeThere are now nearly twice as many people working in government these days than in all manufacturing which presents numerous opportunities to privatize government services.  This would by definition lead to more jobs in the private sector and likely better results for us all.