Insights for More Growth at Red Bull

Imagine you’re the premium brand in a $4.4B category that’s projected to grow 60-70% over the next 5 years. Private label is only 1% of the category. The premium segment is 40% of the category and commands a 90% price premium over all the rest. So why do you need consumer insights? Shouldn’t you invest in people to count the money instead?

Well, that would certainly be tempting, I’m sure. But the people at Red Bull, a privately held business in the energy drink category, find themselves in this situation but have invested in leveraging shopper insights instead.  And Guy Wooten, Senior Category Insights Manager at Red Bull has been putting those insights to work to drive even better business results.

Given all the category advantages, they still have some formidable challenges at Red Bull; like low household penetration and the challenge of marketing to a shopper that spends a grand total of 28 seconds shopping.  It’s no wonder then that the folks at Red Bull have taken shopper insights and responded with strategies like signpost branding, horizontal blocking, and visual clustering to drive better results.

That’s usually the case for those experiencing shopper marketing success.  They invest in turning shopper insights into action to drive better results through strategies and careful design of how they do things on the path to purchase.  Strategy, business design, better results.