GameStop, Call of Duty, Loyalty and Business Transformation

Check out this cycle from GameStop: Consumer insight –> loyalty program concept –> internal business alignment and loyalty program design –> commercialization of a unique customer loyalty program –> great business results –> change and adaptation of the GameStop business model –> more consumer insights –> repeat process.

Terrific presentation at the 2011 Shopper Insights in Action conference from Mike Hogan, SVP & CMO at GameStop. Interestingly, the creation of a compelling customer loyalty program has driven significant change to their business model. Examples were changes in their real estate process (where to locate and how many stores), shaping the customer experience in the store, identifying and capitalizing on a new customer profitability model, direct marketing and supplier integration changes, and new ways to capitalize on emerging digital opportunities.

That’s the way it should be… consumer insights ultimately changing the way things get done in a business.  Great start to the conference. Thanks Mike.