Bigger, Better, Fewer, Faster – Getting Ideas to Market

I’m preparing another overview of Idea to Market (I2M™) to share with companies in the food industry. If you don’t know what I2M™ is, it’s the route ideas take to get through the value creation funnel and get monetized in the marketplace: New Product Development, Commercialization, Innovation, lots of names for it. In most companies, it’s an expansive process with tentacles everywhere: strategic planning, executive management, finance, marketing, research, supply chain, procurement, engineering, quality, information systems, etc. It’s probably the most expansive process in the whole business and vital to any company that desires to stay in business, let alone grow. The goals of I2M™ can be bigger (in a balanced portfolio), better (more incrementality, better commercialization), fewer (not as many “low impact” projects), faster (speed to market).

The full presentation is proprietary but I’ll make a white paper available in the next week or so for anyone interested.

Keywords: NPD, commercialization, new products, food, value creation, innovation