8 Benefits of the ThinkPoints® Web App

You can read about the 8 Benefits of ThinkWay’s leading collaborative strategy development methodology here.

Now, on top of those benefits, here are the 8 benefits of the exclusive ThinkPoints® web app for focusing, aligning, and tracking execution in your organization.

  1. Captures and preserves all input from ThinkWay’s leading collaborative strategy development methodology
  2. Identifies execution accountability and follow-up timing
  3. Provides a dashboard for up to date visibility into strategy execution
  4. Captures strategy comments and messaging throughout execution
  5. Provides a “single source of truth” for the current objectives, strategies, and tactics
  6. Accommodates a distributed workforce for improved collaboration
  7. Fosters innovation, speed, and agility in response to changes in the situation
  8. Integrates seamlessly into daily work to improve engagement and alignment

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