2015 Transformation Survey Overview

The 2015 ThinkPoints™ transformation survey results are in. People from over 25 industries responded (Thank You!). Everyone from individual contributor to CEO or Founder had an opportunity to weigh in. The information is fantastic! There were good surprises (86% of organizations have a clear and compelling purpose) as well as some serious work to do (only 34% agree they have efficient and effective processes with minimal waste).

If you want an overview of the results, you can go here and download a brief document

Otherwise, follow me here and I’ll be sharing key insights over the next several weeks. 

If you want to join the conversation, comment below or download the document and contact me through my website.

It’ll be fun to learn together!


Larry McManis is President and CEO of ThinkWay Strategies LLC, a consulting service he founded in 2008. Prior to founding ThinkWay, he spent several years at Kraft Foods in strategy leading major global strategic initiatives and transformation efforts.