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Strategy Training Workshops to Achieve Your Goals


One Day Strategy Workshop Including ThinkPoints®


In one day1 you will:

  • Develop a focused strategy to achieve your specific goals.
  • Understand the leading collaborative strategy development methodology so you can use it over and over again.
  • Complete your basic training in the use of ThinkPoints®, the exclusive web app for strategy development, tracking and execution2.
  • Identify ongoing coaching and quarterly follow-up sessions for strategy leaders to keep the momentum going.


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1.   Maximum workshop size recommended at 20. Optimal team size is 5-7 members with 3-4 teams per one-day strategy session. Teams bring a real strategy need to the session for strategy development.

2.  ThinkPoints® use requires a separate annual subscription, a laptop with internet access and a Chrome, Firefox or Safari web browser. All users must have a valid company email address to subscribe.

3.   Strategy coaching is tailored to your needs and can include monthly calls for strategy leaders and quarterly face-to-face, half-day work sessions for teams.

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