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Your Strategy For Growth

Businesses face numerous challenges. Our approach is designed to show you how to develop the strategies you need to succeed and grow so you build your team's capabilities and don't have to hire expensive strategy consultants.

We meet with you briefly to understand your strategy needs and then design a strategy workshop to address that strategy need. In the workshop you and your team will focus on developing your strategy and also walk out knowing how to use our leading strategy methodology and our exclusive ThinkPoints strategy web app over and over again for any of your other challenges. We also recommend quarterly followups with ThinkWay and offer strategy coaching, consulting and support services as your situation warrants. The result is your business is positioned for growth, your team grows, and you succeed!

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Details Of How We Work With You

There are five aspects to our typical strategy development approach.

First, we meet with you to clearly define the goal you want to achieve, the strategy team that will be responsible for developing and delivering that strategy, and to answer any questions you have about the process.

Second, we’ll lead you through a 1 or 2 day highly collaborative workshop for you and your team. It is in this workshop that you’ll not only develop your strategy but you and your team will also learn our proprietary strategy development methodology that you’ll be able to use over and over again in the future as new strategic challenges arise.

Third, you and your team will also subscribe and learn to use our exclusive browser-based ThinkPoints web app during the workshop. ThinkPoints is easy to learn and enables, aligns and engages your team and tracks all your strategies.

Fourth, after your workshop, we will help you finalize your strategy and activate it in your organization so you begin seeing progress towards your goals almost immediately.

Finally, we provide quarterly follow-ups where we meet with you and your strategy leadership team to keep things on track to deliver your goals. And because of our decades of strategy and innovation experience, we provide other custom advisory services as needed.

At ThinkWay, we don't consult. We enable.



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