How Employees are Rewarded for Low Value Work

Several years ago, a marketing group we were working with was complaining about all the busywork that was keeping them from doing the difficult, more important work of growing the business. An assessment of where they were spending their time confirmed their assertions. So, one action we took was to automate the administrative task of […]


What Businesses Can Learn from Moms with Toddlers

The little two year old was in the warming pool walking around on the ledge used by adults for sitting down in the water. Mom was right beside her showing her the best path to walk, letting her venture on her own, but also telling her repeatedly not to step too close to the edge […]


Assessing Senior Leader Alignment

One of the most common root causes of a strategic initiative stalling out is the lack of senior leadership alignment. Maybe senior leaders say they support the initiative but they don’t really walk their talk. Or they prioritize the initiative at the bottom of their list. Or worse yet, they actually take a position in […]

Arnie’s Good Choices, Tiger’s Bad Choices and a Hero at The Masters

My first trip to this iconic tournament was terrific! I thoroughly enjoyed the Wednesday practice round at the 2012 Masters in Augusta where the weather was beautiful (until 3:30 p.m.), walking the course for the first time was unbelievable, and the Augusta National business model was making the sounds of peak performance. If you’re not […]

The Squire of Gothos: Why Change Management Fails

In this Star Trek original series episode a very powerful being (the Squire) imprisoned Captain Kirk, Bones, Sulu and some of the crew on Gothos in an environment he created to look like a castle on medieval earth. Every detail of the castle was replicated to perfection. Well, almost perfection. The crew of the Enterprise […]

Learning and Success

Whether it’s a question for A.G. Lafley, learning to speak to an A.D.D. consumer, or just sitting in the back row and pondering lessons from Angry Birds, you’re sure to find next week’s Shopper Insights in Action conference sponsored by IIR USA to be a very rewarding learning experience… learning that leads to success. In […]

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