The Iceberg of Ignorance Revisited

Many will be familiar with the concept of the “iceberg of ignorance”. It was popularized in 1989 by a consultant named Sidney Yoshida. Yoshida conducted a study that concluded that top management was only aware of 4% of the problems in a company… only the tip of the iceberg. It was a popular concept that […]


From Streetsweepers to Google

(Excerpted from the Q4 2015 Update) “If a man is called to be a streetsweeper, he should sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music, or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, here lived a great streetsweeper who […]

Millennials: Maybe Not Really that Different…

There’s a lot of talk about how dramatically different the Millennial generation is. And so, every organization is madly scrambling to “appeal” to this large cohort. For crying out loud, businesses are destroying private offices, installing slippery slides, and changing dress codes in the hopes of attracting talent and engendering loyalty. But they’re just people […]


Why “What’s In It For Me” Is Wrong For Business Transformation

I’ve seen or heard it referred to dozens of times and even succumbed to the false notion myself. It’s known as WIIFM or “What’s in it for Me”. It may have rightly applied in sales and marketing to encourage thinking from the customer’s perspective but in business transformation and change management, it may be one […]


Tornadoes, Transformation and Business Leadership

In August of 2005, a large, violent tornado swept through our neighborhood indiscriminately uprooting trees, scattering personal possessions, and leveling homes. It’s something I’ll likely never forget. Our home was one of them. Although only a couple people were hurt physically, hundreds of lives in our community were suddenly and literally turned upside down. Tornadoes […]

The Hidden Secret to Creating a Culture of Innovation

Mature businesses tend to suffer from the same issue when it comes to innovation: inertia. Said another way, they have a hard time breaking away from the status quo. Consequently they continue to orbit around their core product portfolio developing little more than the equivalent of the next flavor of Jell-O. Which means results continue […]


The Basic Need for Purpose in Work

The story is told1 that in 1944 Allied forces bombed and destroyed a prison camp factory in Hungary that was distilling human waste into alcohol to help fuel Hitler’s war effort. For the prisoners, mild relief turned to disgust at the thought of rebuilding the camp when the guards forced them to carry the rubble to […]


Admitting the Problem of Business Leadership

Any reasonable assessment of the current state of U.S. business leadership would at least conclude that it’s struggling. A look at the data tells an even bleaker tale. American business leadership is in a dark place of its own making and many in the leadership development industry are in the dark with them. Gallup’s State […]


How Employees are Rewarded for Low Value Work

Several years ago, a marketing group we were working with was complaining about all the busywork that was keeping them from doing the difficult, more important work of growing the business. An assessment of where they were spending their time confirmed their assertions. So, one action we took was to automate the administrative task of […]


What Businesses Can Learn from Moms with Toddlers

The little two year old was in the warming pool walking around on the ledge used by adults for sitting down in the water. Mom was right beside her showing her the best path to walk, letting her venture on her own, but also telling her repeatedly not to step too close to the edge […]

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