Is It Time to Transform Business Transformation? (Reprinted)

(This article first appeared in 2014 as the Editor’s Choice by Process Excellence Network. You can read the full article on their website here.)   Is It Time to Transform Business Transformation? Circuit City. Blockbuster Video. Borders bookstores. These companies are hardly the hallmark of successful business transformation despite the millions of dollars and brilliant […]


8 Benefits of the ThinkPoints® Strategy Canvas™

Proven methodology for strategy development Integrates into the daily life of the organization Can be as simple or as sophisticated as the user desires Easy to use Facilitates rapid strategy development Provides clarity and accountability Can be used for a broad array of types of strategy Significantly improves probability of success in achieving objectives

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Do You Need a Strategy?

Our research shows that although many organizations (nearly half) experience negative emotions around the topic of strategy, 95% of organizations of all types and sizes (For-Profit and Non-Profit) feel they probably or definitely need a strategy.


Comparing Strategy Research Results

Leaders, especially non-profit leaders, should take note of preliminary results of ThinkWay’s quantitative strategy research. While 87% of for-profit businesses have a strategy, nearly a third experience negative emotions when they think about it. Nearly two thirds review their strategy monthly or more frequently. Data also indicates a statistically significant difference between for-profit businesses and […]

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The Iceberg of Ignorance Reconstructed

The Iceberg of Ignorance was published way back in 1989 by Sidney Yoshida. It contended that front line workers know 100% of the problems, supervisors 74%, middle managers 9%, and executives a measly 4%. Thus, it was popularized that executives were only aware of the “tip of the iceberg” when it came to problems in […]

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Sustainability Done Right

Check out this video of Bob Taylor from Taylor Guitars. Seems like a great message of stewarding our precious natural resources.

Sparking Internal Innovation

If you want internal innovation, know this: that old approach of using suggestion boxes doesn’t work. People might provide some ideas, fewer even worth pursuing, but nothing gets done and the suggestion box ends up breeding cynicism. That’s not how Millennials work anyway. And decreeing from on high that everyone needs to be more innovative […]


The Iceberg of Ignorance Debunked

The iceberg of ignorance was first published in 1989 by consultant Sydney Yoshida. (I wrote about it here.) It led to the popular notion that front line workers knew 100% of the problems, supervisors were aware of 74%, middle managers were aware of 9% and senior executives were only aware of 4% of the problems. […]

Innovation Effectiveness and W. E. Deming

“It’s not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.” – W.E. Deming The importance of innovation to business success continues to grow rapidly. In a survey of U.S. executives, 84% said their strategy is “very dependent” or “extremely dependent” on innovation for long term success; up from 67% just 3 years prior. And it’s not […]


3 Simple Things Continuous Improvement Leaders Can Leverage for Greater Success

Although there are success stories to be found, numerous articles in the past year alone continue to highlight the high failure rate of continuous improvement initiatives like lean, six sigma, agile, and the like (70%). But here are three things continuous improvement leaders could leverage for better outcomes. Learn and leverage the “natural strategy” approach. […]

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