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Are Commodity Prices Peaking?

This 216 year look at commodities implies they may be peaking. Chart provided by Business Insider and can be found here .

A Question for A.G. Lafley

A .G. Lafley, former Chairman of the Board of Procter & Gamble, apparently knows that if you “always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten”. He is credited for the redesign of P&G that...

Why My Marketing Friends Need to Attend SIA 2011

The Shopper Insights in Action 2011 conference sponsored by IIR USA convenes on July 11 at the Swissotel in Chicago. My marketing friends should be there. And it’s not just because of the impressive lineup of keynote speakers like A...

Wisconsin Economic Forecast Luncheon

It appears newly elected Governor Scott Walker has a sound recipe for securing a healthier economic future for Wisconsin: growth and productivity. And to make it happen, he is quickly focusing on changing the design of the business environment. Hmmm.....

Key ThinkWay Client Announces Changes

This will be good for Bryan and for Mattel. Besides the fact Bryan is a terrific leader and strategist, it also sets the stage for a truly integrated global business model; a competitive necessity these days. Changes should be accretive...


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