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Manufacturing Sector Productivity Up, Labor Costs Down in Q1 2011

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released Q1 productivity and cost numbers today. U.S. labor productivity was up 1.6% driven by a 3.1% increase in output and a 1.4% increase in hours worked. Manufacturing sector productivity was up 6.3% driven by...

GMCC Business Expo: Creating Opportunities for Growth

Most businesses have been hit hard over the last few years by a very difficult economic climate. In 2007, just over 25,000 businesses filed for bankruptcy. That number soared to over 58,000 each of the last two years. In the...

Chancellor Biddy Martin and the UW's Public Authority Restructuring Strategy

UW's Chancellor Biddy Martin spoke this morning at a Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce event and explained her rationale for pursuing a change in status to a public authority. She did a great job of laying out the benefits and...

Featured Discussion for April 2011

I've now had several people suggest I write a series of white papers and/or a book about how changing the design of a business is the best way to get sustainably better growth and productivity results. The book would cover...

"Scariest Jobs Chart Ever" and the Languishing Recovery

These charts, one from Business Insider and the other from ThinkWay, would lead you to conclude getting back to pre-recession economic health will take quite some time yet.


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