2014 What’s Hot NRA Infographic

Interesting infographic via Food Business News from the National Restaurant Association. What do you think the top culinary trends in 2014 will be? Here are the Top 10 from NRA…


Former Kraft Colleague Named CFO of the Year

We are pleased to share the news that our former Oscar Mayer / Kraft colleague who went on to become the CFO of Harley-Davidson has been named CFO of the Year by The Business Journal in Milwaukee. Congratulations, John! 


Former Colleague & Friend Becomes CEO at Amazing Cosmetics

Well are pleased to share the news that our former Oscar Mayer / Kraft colleague and friend, Nancy Sawle-Knoblach, has become the CEO of Amazing Cosmetics. Amazing Cosmetics was founded in 1999 by Lisa Thurman and Sue Katz. The brand, known for its concealer, has a loyal following of celebrities and celebrity make-up artists. Nancy has […]

ift13 logo

Recapping IFT13

I only had one day at IFT13. When you only spend one day, recapping a 4 day event can be dangerous. But, with a sample size of 25%, here goes. Overall conference rating (from attendee point of view): A- Some observations: The people at IFT are real pros. I’m not a fan of McCormick Place […]


Cool Video About Toymaker Lego’s Founding Entrepreneur

Lego put out a short animated video about it’s 80 year history. Very interesting and worth the 17 minutes it takes to view it. Especially, interesting to see the tenacious, entrepreneurial spirit of the founder Ole Kirk Chritiansen.


Hope for Helping the Homeless

I guess it’s not surprising given the troubled condition of our economy that the number of homeless has grown so rapidly. This past summer, I conducted a needs assessment for The Salvation Army of La Crosse (WI). They provide temporary emergency food and shelter for the homeless and help them with transition resources. They’re the […]

Turning Likes to Loans

As I mentioned in my last few email newsletters, I’m pretty skeptical about the value of having a Facebook page for my business. I have no idea how to monetize a “Like” for ThinkWay. But I have figured out a way to monetize a ThinkWay “Like” for someone else! We created a Facebook campaign called […]

The (Still) Coming Taxmageddon

That’s what David Leonhardt of the New York Times calls it. It’s likely what’s going to happen to us all while both political parties continue their dueling campaign obstinacy strategies. Here’s the chart again from Business Insider…

Action, Innovation & Growth – Day 1 Afternoon Recap from SIA

Mahatma Gandhi once said “Actions express priorities.” Given the afternoon at the 12th annual Shopper Insights in Action conference in Chicago sponsored by IIR USA, one would conclude the priorities for the presenters were action, innovation and growth. Two of the sessions I attended dealt with companies that were taking action based on their shopper […]

Moore’s Law and Shopper Marketing – Day 1 Morning Recap from SIA

Moore’s Law is the observation that over the history of computing, the number of transistors found on integrated circuits doubles every two years. Intel figures chip speed doubles about every 18 months. Well, based on the morning presentations at the Shopper Insights in Action conference sponsored by IIR USA, it feels like shopper marketing knowledge […]

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