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Haystacks, Alignment and Better Results

Long before farmers and ranchers had the machinery to make today's small rectangular or large round bales of hay, they made haystacks. The principles farmers employed to work together and make a good haystack also apply to organizational alignment. Strong organizational alignment in these four key areas is a matter of strategy and design and can drive better business results.

If You Want to Grow, Innovate Productivity

The traditional approach to productivity in your business is going to dry up, if it hasn’t already. At some point, every department will have squeezed out what they think are the last remaining pennies by cutting overhead costs, improving yields...

Going "Gaga" with Business Models

I really don’t even know if I’ve ever heard one of her songs. From the little I know about Lady Gaga, I doubt that I’d ever be much of a fan. But I am a big fan of one thing: she has an entirely different, and very disruptive, business model. According to this article in Ad Age , she is accomplishing in 18 months what Madonna took a decade to do.

Making Health Care Cost Increases “Ouchless” for Employers

When I was growing up on the farm back in Nebraska, it seems like we got more cuts, nicks and scrapes than the typical kid. Back then, if you used a band-aid, getting it off was a real pain… and...


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