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What Does Your Brand Smell Like?

Tracy Pepe of Nose Knows Consulting asked that question. It might seem strange but when you consider consumers are 100 times more likely to recall something with an associated smell than they are something seen, heard, or touched, it makes...

The Two Grand Canyons for Successful New Products

The Grand Canyon is, as American writer John Stoddard once said, a “stupendous gorge”. At 277 miles long, as much as 18 miles wide, and an average depth of one mile, it’s considered the seventh wonder of the world. National...

Building "Social Brand Value" in B2B

There are hundreds of examples of business-to-business companies that have dismissed brand value as something managed by the “business-to-consumer” companies only. Yet brand value can be the competitive and economic advantage B2B companies need to get ahead if they design...

Haystacks, Alignment and Better Results

Long before farmers and ranchers had the machinery to make today's small rectangular or large round bales of hay, they made haystacks. The principles farmers employed to work together and make a good haystack also apply to organizational alignment. Strong organizational alignment in these four key areas is a matter of strategy and design and can drive better business results.

If You Want to Grow, Innovate Productivity

The traditional approach to productivity in your business is going to dry up, if it hasn’t already. At some point, every department will have squeezed out what they think are the last remaining pennies by cutting overhead costs, improving yields...


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