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Wisconsin Economic Forecast Luncheon

It appears newly elected Governor Scott Walker has a sound recipe for securing a healthier economic future for Wisconsin: growth and productivity. And to make it happen, he is quickly focusing on changing the design of the business environment. Hmmm.....

Key ThinkWay Client Announces Changes

This will be good for Bryan and for Mattel. Besides the fact Bryan is a terrific leader and strategist, it also sets the stage for a truly integrated global business model; a competitive necessity these days. Changes should be accretive...

Strategies to Design A Better Christmas

Strategic Plan For A Better Christmas Situation: Stress at this time of year skyrockets, both personally and professionally Recession and unemployment woes significantly lower anticipated Christmas spending (source: Gallup ). The meaning of Christmas can become obscured Objective: A Better,...

Real Differentiation Part 1: How Oscar Mayer Created Competitive Advantage

( Companies can come up with novel ways to differentiate themselves from the competition: product features, packaging, service, marketing approaches. But when the difference is shallow, that is, when it isn't hardwired into an advantaged business design, it is easily...

The Innovation Gauntlet - From Idea to Market

Killing bad ideas is really easy. In fact, it's so easy to kill any idea that common “ground rules” are used during brainstorming sessions to keep ideas alive long enough to see if they have any merit. Actually, there are...


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