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"Scariest Jobs Chart Ever" and the Languishing Recovery

These charts, one from Business Insider and the other from ThinkWay, would lead you to conclude getting back to pre-recession economic health will take quite some time yet.

Driving Me Social: Will Someone PLEASE Help Me BUY a New TV?

No, don't try to sell me a TV. Help me buy a TV. I can figure out the maximum amount I want to spend. I just look at my budget. And I know I want a flat screen TV to...

Thoughts on Tom Fishburne's "Innovation Funnel"

Good cartoon and post by Tom Fishburne. It can be found in its entirety here . Most businesses have learned they need to put teeth in the upfront screening of new ideas because it becomes more expensive to kill ideas...

Are Agencies Changing Fast Enough?

With the fragmentation of traditional TV audiences , the decline in print and newspaper advertising , the emergence of new marketing tactics , and the likelihood of all this change accelerating, are traditional ad agencies adapting fast enough? Agencies are...

An Unusual Brand Equity in the Music Industry

This is such an unusual brand equity, I had to post it. How many can you identify? It's available as the Infographic of the Day from FastCompany Design here...


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