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February 2015

Tornadoes, Transformation and Business Leadership

In August of 2005, a large, violent tornado swept through our neighborhood indiscriminately uprooting trees, scattering personal possessions, and leveling homes. It’s something I’ll likely never forget. Our home was one of them. Although only a couple people were hurt...

Bosses, Innovation and Risk Aversion

Innovation is the lifeblood of every business. Yet, one of the most common laments when people try to explain why the company isn’t coming up with any significant innovations is, “We’re just too risk-averse.” To which a common response from...

How to Inspire Transformation and Innovation

How do workers respond when they hear the announcement of a restructuring initiative (or any other major transformational effort for that matter) designed to “grow revenues through better innovation” or “cut costs by trimming the workforce” or “shuttering manufacturing plants...

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