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Strategy, Innovation, Transformation, and More

The Situation

Take a look at the Fortune 1000. Ten years from now, 70% of the companies on the list will be gone.

Eighty percent of CEOs are facing increased strategic complexity, 70% are leading businesses being significantly disrupted by technology, and over 90% are in some phase of transformation. Yet 75% of those transformation efforts fail to deliver on their promises.


Focus on Growth – Work That Matters™

Regardless of industry or size of business, there are 5 domains that must be done well to succeed and grow: Strategy, Innovation, Value Chain Management, Transformation, and Leadership. Using proprietary models and guided by our 5 core values, we are dedicated to helping business leaders be successful in Work That Matters™.


Our Strategy Model

Strategies and business cases are developed using the following model as a guide.


Our Marketing Planning Model

Business Situation Analysis - SWOT, Competitive Assessment, Key Issues, Marketing Mix Analysis, Market Structure, Category Analysis, Volume Sourcing, Strategic Marketing Priorities

Brand Business Objectives - Revenue, Volume, Share, Earnings

Consumer Behaviorally Defined - Positioning, Consumer Insights, Benefit Ladder, Brand Essence, Relevance, Category Motivation, Brand Equities

Brand Marketing Objectives - Desired Quantified Effect on Consumer Behavior: Awareness, Penetration, Buy Rate, Usage, etc.

Marketing Challenge & Integrated Plan - Product, Price, Distribution and Communication Plans that Drive Desired Consumer Beliefs/ Behaviors and Fulfill Objectives


Our Acquisition Strategy Model

Sample Details:

Set Business Objectives - Revenue/Sales, Earnings/EPS, Gross/Operating Margins, Debt, Capital, Financing Options

Determine Aquisition Strategies - Geographic Expansion, Market Consolidation, Adjacencies, Diversification, Capabilities, Emerging Needs, Fill Out Existing Products/Services Portfolio

Conduct Research & Build Portfolio - Research Potential Markets & Targets, Acquisition Target Matrix – Strategies vs. Desirability

Conduct Due Diligence & Negotiations - Revenue, Earnings, Margin Trends; Balance Sheet; Capitalization; Valuation; Market & Competitive Position, Fixed Assets, Ownership Structure, Management

Complete Acquisition & Integration - Financing, Reserves, Buyouts, Retention Incentives, Severance, New Structure, Integration Plans, Assimilation, Acquisition Assessment


Other Examples of Our Services

  • Strategy - Global, Business, Supply Chain, Marketing, Portfolio, Financial, IT, and Other
  • Business Cases - Current state, objectives and benefits, strategies and plans for major strategic initiatives
    • Examples include Advanced Product Quality Planning, Product Life Cycle Management, continuous improvement initiatives, transformational initiatives in the supply chain, major IT initiatives including ERP, and other internal initiatives
  • Business Transformation - Examples include innovation and new product development capabilities, marketing and integrated marketing planning, global information technology, repositioning, value chain reinvention, regional business model redesign
  • Business Model Design - Changing the fundamentals of how your business is designed to work; focusing on people, process & technology
    • Examples include transformation from country to regional focus, merchandising and path to purchase, integrated supply chain, new business model articulation, and other business model design changes
  • Innovation - Building your capabilities for developing and commercializing differentiated products and services (I2M™)
    • Product lifecylce management
  • Internal Innovation and Productivity - Cross-functional innovation to differentiate and drive industry-leading results (E2E™)
    • Identifying continuous improvement and transformational opportunities, non-value added analysis, and cash conversion cycle improvements
  • Simplification - Identifying and eliminating low value work, process simplification, rationalizing product portfolios, manufacturing
  • Restructuring - Board & Executive Level, Enterprise, Supply Chain, Manufacturing Networks, Departments


Adapting to Your Needs

Businesses can face a variety of challenges depending on their industry, competition, or other critical factors. So, rather than providing cookie-cutter solutions, at ThinkWay we tailor our approach to meet your specific needs. Contact us to discuss how we might approach your challenges.

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