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Sparking Internal Innovation

If you want internal innovation, know this: that old Baby Boomer approach using suggestion boxes doesn’t work. People might provide some ideas, some even worth pursuing, but nothing gets done and the suggestion box ends up breeding cynicism. That's not...

The Iceberg of Ignorance Debunked

The iceberg of ignorance was first published in 1989 by consultant Sydney Yoshida. (I wrote about it here.) It led to the popular notion that front line workers knew 100% of the problems, supervisors were aware of 74%, middle managers...

Innovation Effectiveness and W. E. Deming

“It’s not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.” – W.E. Deming The importance of innovation to business success continues to grow rapidly. In a survey of U.S. executives , 84% said their strategy is “very dependent” or “extremely dependent”...

3 Simple Things Continuous Improvement Leaders Can Leverage for Greater Success

Although there are success stories to be found, numerous articles in the past year alone continue to highlight the high failure rate of continuous improvement initiatives like lean, six sigma, agile, and the like (70%). But here are three things...

Natural Strategy

Strategy comes naturally for everyone. Really. If you need an example, check this one . Regardless of whether you’re running a big business, leading a project, applying for your first job, or trying to improve your science grade in school,...

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